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IT Skills in demand: 2016 Linkedin

IT skills – 2016 highest demand

According to research by LinkedIn, the most in-demand skills of 2016 in Australia are mostly going to be in the IT area. [/caption] According to research by LinkedIn, the most in-demand skills of 2016 in Australia are mostly going to be in the IT area.

This is great news in more ways than one. It means that IT has once again been elevated to its glory days (circa 1980), when being a computer programmer was considered an elite profession with a salary to match.

And it means IT graduates will be spoilt for choice, especially those in cloud and digital media.

Summarising the research, Sohan Murthy from Linkedin said, “We looked closely at the skills of people who were more likely to start a new job or people who were more likely to be contacted by a recruiter. These skills were very hot towards the end of the year, so we believe this trend will carry through in 2016.”

He said three trends jumped out. Last year was seen as the year of the cloud and distributed computing. It jumped from a niche skillset to a hot category in several countries in the space of a year and is expected to continue to dominate in 2016.

He added that data skills are still on every company’s recruiting wish list. Our top skill category in 2014, statistical analysis and data mining, is still sitting comfortably at number two, while others like data engineering and data warehousing haven’t budged.

“We still live in an increasingly data-driven world, and businesses are still aggressively recruiting for experts in data storage, retrieval, and analysis.”

Notable by its absence in the global ranking is ‘recruiting’ which has dropped out of the 2016 list altogether, probably due to a reduction in hiring and recruiting activity.

Australia followed the trend with both recruiting and business intelligence seeing the biggest downward shifts, dropping 10 and 15 points respectively. Yet skills in HR benefits and compensation rose 10 points.

It’s not news that recruitment has been hit hard in the last 12 months. Only the very best are surviving. And with organisations finding less recruiters, they will employ in-house, which could explain the rise in HR benefits and compensation. This tells us, that in Australia at least, now is the time to retain good people.

Still in Australia, the top most wanted positions for the second year in a row were ‘statistical analysis and data mining’, and ‘middleware and integration software’ expertise. Rather boring to us mere mortals, but obviously coated in gold for the smart ones who have these skills.

On the global market, several job sets are now passé. For example, Game development dropped from 24th to 29th, digital and online marketing dropped from 16th to 32nd, SAP ERP systems dropped from 21st to 34th, computer graphics and animation dropped from 17th to 37th, and integrated circuit design dropped from 22nd to 41st.

In Australia we are no longer so actively chasing skills in Non-profit, fundraising and grant making, Computer graphics and animation, C++, Economics and Foreign Language Translation.
While new skills to hit the most wanted list include: Corporate Law and Governance, Algorithm design and Channel Marketing.

25 Hottest skills of 2016 in Australia

25 Hottest skills of 2016 in Australia

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