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One of the most popular requests I get from my clients as a LinkedIn consultant, is to build a database of potential clients and then do some preliminary engagement activities with that list.

Doing this requires first identifying that target audience, sending out connection requests, and then managing those requests, so the client can engage with them.

With LinkedIn seemingly changing its user interface more times than I change my mind about what to have for dessert, it can be challenging tracking who has, and who has not, accepted the connection requests I’ve sent out.

And also, where I should go to check, before asking again or contacting that person outside LinkedIn.

Unfortunately I’m unable to find a single list on LinkedIn showing who I’ve asked: who has accepted and who has ignored me. If you know where that is, or how I can check this, please leave a comment on this blog.

What I can do, is view a list of people who have NOT accepted my LinkedIn connection request, then work backwards from there. See following how I do this.

1. Click on the [Grow my network] icon on the top right of your profile.

1. Click on the [Grow my network] icon on the top right of your profile

2. The following screen usually displays. Pending invitations are the requests that have been sent to you from other people wishing to connect to you.


3. Sent invitations are the invitations you’ve sent out. But here’s where it gets tricky. This just lists the people who have NOT responded to your invitation. There is no list of people who HAVE accepted. To find that, you need to interrogate your list of connections – [My network/Connections/Sort by/Recent connections].


And there’s more complexity to come. If you have a Basic Account and you’ve exceeded your search limits for the month, LinkedIn may not display the drop down screen (with the green box around it) at all. Annoying I know!

If this happens, wait a while – days, weeks – until it resets itself.

Or if you’re the impatient type, log in to get your free Premium trial, do your search, and then quickly cancel your free trial otherwise you’ll find the end of the month (and LinkedIn’s automatic deduction from your account) happening faster than you can say, “I’ll have the pavlova please.”

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