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Research about bloggingBusiness blogging has a tremendous impact on traffic generation, lead conversions, and search engine visibility. As marketers seek ways to increase engagement with their target market, blogging has been that proven method that builds trust and credibility with their readers, thus driving these results. It is by far the best way to grow a brand online while positively influencing the bottom line.

But don’t take our word for it! Stats and facts have confirmed that blogging has a direct correlation with increased web traffic and lead generation. The goal here is to convince you to begin leveraging your blog to experience the gains in your business.

Here are twelve statistics that illustrate the power behind blogging as well as some key tips that you can implement in your blogging strategy:

12 statistics that prove blogging contributes to SEO, business leads & sales

#1. 69% of Australian marketers state blogging is an effective content strategy for their online marketing (Source: Lush Digital)

Blogging is the base to any solid content marketing strategy. From just one blog post, marketers can glean multiple forms of content to repurpose over various marketing channels for maximum exposure (i.e. creating a video series from blogging content). It also serves as a permanent content vault; every time you create a blog post, that’s another piece of real estate you establish on the Internet.

#2. Google remains the preferred search engine for Australians (Source: Stat Counter)

The next time you perform a search, check out the results page…its full of blog posts! With Google being the #1 search engine, don’t miss up on this traffic feast by neglecting to have a blogging strategy. Your target market is looking for you! Be sure you pop up in their search.

#3. B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not (Source: Hubspot)

That is a big lead difference between companies that blog versus those who don’t. The beauty about leads generated from your blog is that they are qualified leads, meaning it’s a good chance that they’re your ideal customer (or buyer persona) with increased likelihood of converting them into sales. With leads being the lifeline to your business, blogging is that tool to bring in a consistent flow of prospects as you consistently blog.

#4. 80% of daily blog visits are new (Source: Right Mix Marketing)

Huge opportunities for fresh visitors and leads abound daily with blogging. There is nothing better than having new people check out your page to see what your business is about and how you can help them. Creating quality content that solves their problems will keep these viewers coming back to you for more…building a loyal, new following!

#5. 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly (Source: Hubspot)

It pays to have a blogging schedule where you are regularly posting content to feed your audience. You see, you want target market to find you for solutions, entertainment and inspiration. When your blog is stagnant, they have nothing to keeping coming back to. For increased traffic flow, you must increase your content flow.

#6. A blog post that has more than 1,500 words, on average it receives 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes than a post under 1,500 words (Source: Hubspot)

Social media and search engines alike are favouring lengthier blog posts over the shorter ones. The Internet is inundated with content so the ones that stand out will be those that are filled with quality information that is deemed valuable by the market. Be sure to include in your strategy content that supports this word count.

#7. 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local businesses (Source: Google)

According to Forbes, business blogging is the most important strategy to rank highly in local business search results. If your goal is to reach an audience in your surrounding area, blogging is your answer. Use local SEO best practices to strengthen these posts.

#8. 49% of Australian marketers publish content either daily or multiple times per week (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Hopefully this number will continue to rise as marketers understand the value of creating post frequently for their audience.

For assistance in creating a content strategy where you blog regularly for your business, please contact us here. We are ready to help!

#9 Marketers who blog are 13 times more likely to drive positive ROI than those who don’t (Source: HubSpot)

The good news about blogging is that it doesn’t require any investing to maintain or to reap the full benefits that we’re outlining here. The biggest investment you will give to your blog is your time…but don’t undermine its value. It will be the most powerful marketing asset to your business when you make it priority and build your content strategy around it.

#10 Once you accumulate 51 posts, blog traffic increases by 53% and goes up by 3 times after 100 posts, 4.5 times after 200 posts (Source: Right Marketing Mix)

The more you blog, the more traffic you generate. Even when it doesn’t feel like its paying off in the beginning, keep at it. Consistency is what’s going to create the results you want.

#11 The average Internet user spends a whopping 77% of their online time reading blogs (Source: Social Media Today)

People are reading blogs! Focus on providing solutions, answering questions, and giving value to be amongst the blogs your audience is seeking.

#12 Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website (Source: Hubspot).

This stat itself should exemplify the strength a blogging strategy has in creating traffic, leads, and potential sales to your business.

Blogging is indeed a central element to your content marketing strategy. The numbers reveal a true sense of how effective incorporating a business blog will be towards achieving your most valued business goals. By implementing the tips shared, you can begin to experience the boost in leads, search engine visibility, and sales as you share content that is relatable and beneficial to your audience. The key is to create a schedule to remain consistent in your blogging efforts.

Much success!

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